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Chairman and Founder DeWitt Paul
President and CEO: Barry Williams
Office Manager / Customer Service: Shannan Legendre
Operations Manager: Dana Mebus
Shipping Manager: Wayne Swanson
Compliance Manager: Cheryl Bowdish








Focus Statement:

At Cotton Buds we develop, manufacture and market innovative, practical, value-added personal care toiletries for use when away from home… featuring convenient sizes, unique packaging, and superior quality.  

Company History & Development: 

The Company was founded in 1991 with the acquisition of the technology and equipment to manufacture a premium quality cotton swab attached to a paper strip.  This unique feature allows the swabs to be dispensed one-at-a-time and prevents them from spilling.  

In the ensuing years, Cotton Buds evolved into a consumer products company licensing major brands in the personal care, beauty care and fabric care categories. The company concentrated on travel and convenience sizes.  Their new motto became "Big Brands in Little Packages".

Private Label Toilet Tissue and Toilet Seat Covers:

In 1996, Cotton Buds acquired the rights and technology to produce a coreless, solid roll of toilet tissue in a pull-out dispenser designed to fit in a purse or pocket. The product was ideal for travel, camping, and other “away from home” uses when space and convenience were important.

That same year Cotton Buds introduced a complimentary packet of toilet seat covers. The toilet seat covers fit conveniently in a purse, pocket, toiletry kit, backpack, diaper bag, etc...  Both travel toilet tissue and seat covers were marketed under the Cotton Buds label and were sold in the Travel/Trial Size section at major retailers.

Evolution of the Moist-Wipes:

In 1999, Cotton Buds began manufacturing and marketing Moist Mates, the first moist toilet tissue on a roll.  Unlike other moist wipes packaged in tubs, Moist Mates was a coreless, solid roll of moist tissue in its own dispenser. The dispenser fit on the spindle under the dry toilet tissue in the bathroom, making it convenient and readily accessible.  Moist Mates launched in July of 2000. In April of 2001, Moist Mates was acquired by the Procter & Gamble Company.  It is currently sold nationwide in a tub format as Charmin Fresh Mates®.

In April, 2005, Procter & Gamble granted a license to Cotton Buds to market and distribute a travel-size version of Charmin Freshmates® flushable moist wipes under the Charmin To Go® label.  It is currently sold in a convenient package of 10 wipes, wrapped in a light weight, resealable plastic pouch that can easily fit in a pocket or purse.  Individually wrapped wipes will be added to the product line in January, 2011. 

Licensing of Charmin To Go®:

In 2002, Procter & Gamble entered into a license agreement with Cotton Buds to produce, market and distribute Charmin To Go® Bath Tissue and Charmin To Go® Seat Covers.  Cotton Buds continued to market private label travel tissue and seat covers.    

Licensing of Bounty To Go™:

Later in 2002, Procter & Gamble granted a license to Cotton Buds to manufacture, market, and distribute Bounty To Go™ paper towels.  The product is a coreless, solid roll of 2-ply paper towels  in a reclosable plastic dispenser that keeps the towels neat and dry until the last sheet.  This product can easily fit in a glove box, brief case, workbench, desk drawer, picnic basket, or anywhere space is a concern. 

Licensing of Tide® Liquid Detergent:

In 2005, Procter & Gamble granted a license to Cotton Buds to manufacture, market and distribute travel-size packets of Tide® Liquid Detergent.  

Tide® Travel Sink Packets are single-use pouches designed to make laundering just a few items by hand simple and convenient whether on a cruise, in the dorm, or traveling.  One pouch is sufficient for a sink full of suds.  It is sold in a 3 count reclosable plastic case and can be found in most major retailers.

Tide® Machine Single Load Pouch was introduced  in 2008. One pouch is just right for a single load of laundry in a washing machine.   This product is available both individually and in a 3 Pack Box.  The Single Load Pouch meets airline liquids carry-on guidelines so it can easily be carried for travel.  These Single Load Pouches can be found in the Travel/Trial-Size section of most major retailers.

Licensing of Downy® Fabric Softener:

In 2007, Procter & Gamble granted a license to Cotton Buds to manufacture, market and distribute travel-size packets of Downy® Fabric Softener.  This product is currently sold both individually and in a 3 pack recloseable box.  One packet is sufficient for a full load of laundry and can be found in the Travel/Trial-Size sections of many retailers.   

Licensing of Olay® Daily Facial Wipes:

In 2008, Procter & Gamble granted a license to Cotton Buds to manufacture, market and distribute travel-size packets of Olay® Daily Facials Express Wet Cleansing Cloths. Each cleansing cloth is individually wrapped to maintain moisture and freshness.  The product comes in a plastic recloseable case containing 3 individually wrapped cleansing cloths.  In  2010, an economical 7 count recloseable box was introduced.  Each packet is sufficient for one use and requires no water.


Cotton Buds Goes to Canada:

In 2009 Cotton Buds updated it’s packaging to meet Canada’s bilingual requirements and continues to expand its distribution across Canada. 

Licensing of Disney Characters:

In January 2011, Cotton Buds completed a licensing agreement with Disney Consumer Products to manufacture, market and distribute Cotton Buds Cotton Swabs with Disney characters on the packaging.